Project Ninety's white vans bring the newcomer to the message of hope and recovery found at 12-Step meetings in the community.

The purchase, maintenance, and operation of these vans cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, taking the clients of P90 to meetings at an average cost about $1 per client per meeting.

Your contribution will be used only for this purpose.

In appreciation for your generosity, we hope you will wear this pin we provide as a THANK YOU, letting others know you support the men of Project Ninety in their efforts to stay clean and sober and learn to live happy, joyous, and free.

For $25 you will receive a BRONZE PIN showing that you paid for the cost of taking 25 newly clean and sober men to a 12-Step meeting.

For $100 you will receive a SILVER PIN showing that you paid for a tank of gas for a van taking Project Ninety clients to the message.

For $500 you will receive a GOLD PIN showing that you paid for the operation of one of Project Ninety’s white van for a month.

Please make your choices from the chart at the right.

Help us become better men and women. Donate today, give us a chance to change.
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Donate By Check
Please make your check payable to Project Ninety Take-Me-To-A-Meeting and mail it to 720 So. B Street, San Mateo, CA  94401.